Welcome to Shilo's production of Peter Shaffer's AMADEUS!

AMADEUS will be performed w/c Monday 1 June 2009 at the RNCM Studio Theatre. Performances will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights: no matinee. There will be a £25 stage fee to defray the costs of the rights and costumes for everyone with a speaking part. Rehearsals will be Sunday nights and Wednesday nights, probably a couple more towards the show. Nigel Machin is directing.

If you don't know AMADEUS, see the 1984 Oscar-winning movie - it's fabulous, and will be a stunning and exciting production!


Mozart music (PDF) for printing



1999 Peter Shaffer's "Final rewrite"

This is the one we are using.

Sections for easy printing

1980 Original text

Includes Salieri's march.


We need the following pieces of music played:

Salieri playing his Welcome March

Mozart playing Salieri's March and making it good

It turns into Non Piu Andrai.

YouTube example

From the Movie

Audio (MP3) from the movie

Mozart at the fortepiano demonstrating how crap Italian composers are